About US
Our group brings together like minded people who have or are interested in Custom American & Rods.

Come and join us at The Ram Hotel, Bridge Street (A1065), Brandon, Suffolk.
We meet on the 1st Sunday of every month from 1pm.
Food is available and there is a safe kiddies play area too.
We also meet on the third Wednesday of every month at 7pm at Chick King, Brandon situated on the A1065 London Road just as you leave Brandon heading towards Lakenheath. We’d be pleased to see you.

We do go for cruises as well to various shows etc, for more information please visit our events page.

A little history lesson as we are often asked why we chose ‘ICENI’

The Iceni were a Celtic tribe who occupied East Anglia before the Romans invaded Britain. The most famous was Boudicca (Bodicea) who wandered the ancient highways and byways kicking Roman butt.
As a tribe is a group of people and so is a club, Iceni seemed an appropriate name for a car club, wandering the modern highways, based in the old territory of the Celtic tribe.

Below is a few of the club members cars taken at the Swaffham Fun Day 2006. 

     1966 Chevy Belair

1957 Plymouth Belvedere

1977 Transam

1995 Transam

1976 Corvette

1985 Bronco II

2006 Mustang

1956 Plymouth Belvedere

1959 Caddy Fleetwood