Our Events - Brass Monkey - 2005
December 27th 2005 was our 2nd Brass Monkey Run to Wells.

The morning was cold and snowy and by the time we hit Swaffham we knew we were in for a typical winters day. While we waited for others to arrive, some of us sheltered, some of us shopped, others chatted and one of us was doing essential maintenance?? We then stopped at Fakenham to meet more people and set off to Wells.

The arrival was definitely cold, windy and drizzly (unlike last year when it was 3 coats warmer) this time everyone scattered to find somewhere warmer in the pub and chippy.

Thanks to all you brave folk who came and apologies to those of you who we didn’t get to chat too. I hope this year’s weather will be kinder to us as this hopefully will be an annual event. Hope you enjoy the pics. (click on pics to see full size ones!)