Our Events - Brass Monkey - 2006
December 30th 2006 was our 3rd Brass Monkey Run to Wells.

Welcome to our 3rd B.M.R. pics.  The morning was definitely not like last year, where'd the snow go?????.  Never mind we said trying to force a smile, there's more people here this year, bonus!  We left roughly on time after a couple of minor starting hiccups and onto Waitrose at Swaffham for pit stop for cars and coffees etc. and to meet more people and chat.  Then onto Wells and arrived dead on high noon, perfect timing. 

The weather was good, so ideal to chat, look at cars etc before heading off for food and drink. There were a good selection of cars, just under forty cars in all in the pub car park, so hopefully there's a picture of them all below.

Thanks to all you folk who came, it was good to see you and I hope you enjoyed yourselves. Pity it rained on the way home, good ol' British weather, I hope you're all dried out now and we hope to see you at the 4th run.  Hope you enjoy the pics. (click on pics to see full size ones!)

PS Hope to see you at the Picnic In The Forest 9th September and hopefully before then.