Our Events - Picnic in the Forest - 2006
Sunday September 10th 

This year we were promised good weather-NO RAIN.  Sure enough we were up in the forest at 8.30 to check the field over, i.e. no nasties (large boulders, cans etc.) and to get the signs etc. in place.  The weather was good so we were hoping for a good turnout.

9.58am and the first people arrived and all you good people kept us busy 'till after lunch. I still think Angie and I were in the best place.  We got to see and hear you first burbling up the driveway. Pretty impressive. There was a good selection of all types of cars, American, Hot rods, British Classics and bikes.  Roughly 130 cars in all.

Below is a selection of your cars, click on them to get the bigger picture,enjoy.

I hope you all had a good day, we certainly did, thanks to all you folk who came, you made it a brilliant day and hope to see you again here next year.  We shall be doing the Brass Monkey again, so get in touch with Tony or Carl if you would like more details of that or anything else with the club. They can be e-mailed at icenicarclub@fsmail.net